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Hi I'm James! I'm a 30 something Cloud Consultant who currently works for BT, I've been working with Azure for nearly 6 years and been dabbling with AWS for about 3. I'm married to my Husband Donal and we have 2 boys.

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Been in tech for over 10 years so certifications have come with the job! Currently certified mostly in Microsoft Cloud space, all my certs are below and are also available on my Credly profile.

Azure Fundamentals Azure AI Fundamentals Azure Data Fundamentals Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Microsoft 365 Fundamentals AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate Azure Administrator Associate Azure Network Engineer Associate Azure Security Engineer Associate Azure Identity and Access Administrator Associate Hashicorp Certified Associate
Expert and Specialty
Azure Solutions Architect Expert Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty Cybersecurity Architect Expert

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What's with the Dinosaurs?

Many moons ago when first starting on Twitter I needed a username, I was young and stupid and decided that RAWR meant Hi in Dinosaur (especially since I was told this as a child) so I went with RAWRitsJ which is still my personal handle today. However going into Tech it was apparent I was going to need a work handle as well to focus my timeline and tweet more relevant tech and RAWRitsCloud became that handle continuing on the notion that RAWR means Hi in Dinosaur...and that is why we have the Dinosaurs everywhere!

Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash
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You can find me on several platforms listed below. Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook